About Us

We are a collective of published crime writers conversant in our craft, passionate about
the subject, and eager to talk about it. We represent all varieties of crime fiction – mystery,
thriller, cozy, P.I., noir, police procedural, serial killer, etc., and some as yet unwritten.

Much goes into our brand of writing. Like our readers, we love mysteries and the
challenge of solving them, to speak nothing of darkly complex aspects of human nature, issues of
justice, obstacles to redemption, and matters the average person doesn’t think about until they
read or watch a good crime story and try to solve a mystery or cheer for righteous vengeance.

Crime writers think about those things all the time. We devour media to find inspiration.
Even before knowing details of crime stories afflicting fellow citizens, we project our authorial
views onto them and contemplate ways to add drama and tension to criminal behaviors.

And research? We joke about trouble we’d have if our google searches were discovered:
bombs; poisons; weaponry; psychosis; anatomy; corpse decomposition; etc.

Having met many of the genre’s authors I am often surprised that masters of the craft
possess real life personas so incongruent with what they write. Nice women, laid-back
men—many soft-spoken, none of whom you’d suspect have brains rattling with serial killers,
femmes fatales, double-crosses, or plain no-goodniks.

For those curious about what the life is like, or what kind of person thinks about the
things we think about, Crime Writers Caravan panels are selected for knowledge and love of the
form as well as robust and delightful presentation skills. Our aim is to entertain, plus be open to
others’ curiosity about how we create stories meant to engage, sometimes shock, sometimes
amuse—albeit under the covers with a flashlight.